Sake House


Our Story...

We began our journey many years ago in 1993 as one of Roanoke, Virginia's first & finest sushi restaurant. With determination to bring some Asian culture to southwest Virginia, spread knowledge of Japanese cuisine, & share the love of sushi. We welcomed all who was willing & soon became part of their families. From first dates, engagements, marriage, children & grandchildren we've watched many generations of families grow & become part of our family. 


Our journey in Roanoke came to an end in summer 2008 & a new path opened for us in Blacksburg. With 15 years of spreading knowledge & sharing our passion we closed our doors with heavy hearts to begin our new path. Opening our new doors in winter 2008 was a new challenge. But with the same determination & our hearts set to making Blacksburg our new home we've managed to do just that.


To this day our family stays hands on from shipment of our fresh ingredients to greeting you with a warm smile. We still use the same recipes we started with those many years ago & make everything from scratch in house daily. 

We hope you'll open your palettes to these new experiences we have waiting for you. And one day, help us spread knowledge & love of sushi like our family has been doing so for many years.

-Sake House

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